Saturday, February 6, 2010


Well, it's the 6th. I'm 30.

I'm kind of struggling with it. I guess the notion of closing the chapter of My Twenties is really sad for me.

I loved my 20s. I don't have 1 single regret. I got an education and established a career, fell in love, moved out of state for 5 years and then came back 'home', started a family, and had a complete blast all throughout. The last 10 years have been so great, I want more of them.

I know my 30s can and will be awesome too, but I'm sad about letting go of being Very Young.

I wish time would slow down a little. I'm suddenly very aware of the fact that this is a one-way street. Everything is going way too fast.

When I start getting panicky, I try to focus on the feeling of fulfillment. My 20s were absolutely fulfilling. My 30s (and the rest of my life) will be fulfilling as well. My 30s will likely be quieter, or at least loud in a different way, like less parties and more babies :) And I imagine that they will be very family-centric. It sounds fabulous, and very fulfilling.

Deep breath. There's no changing it anyway, I'm 30. So, I'd better deal.

An overnight date in the city with the Husband on Monday will certainly help ;)


  1. Happy new decade! I loved my twenties but absolutely LOVE my thirties. Have a great birthday celebration!!!

  2. Happy Birthday to you - hope you have fun celebrating! Here's to fulfilling 30's!